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Support Our Work by coming a Four Forty Friend

We appreciate that money isn’t everything and there are other ways that you can support us. There are many costs in producing theatre and no matter how seemingly insignificant your contribution we are always grateful for support. Whether thats helping distribute flyers or social media posts or the ability to host 4 actors for an evening, we will always be grateful. As well as us wanting to shout about your support, all donations are also welcome anonymously.

'The Handshake'


The smallest amount can often go the furthest!

'Bronze Membership'



Welcome to Four Forty Friends Thank You Letter.

Optional mention on our channels.

'Silver Membership'


Includes as above plus...

Opportunity to meet the cast at chosen venue.

'Gold Membership'


Includes as above plus...

Sponsorship options of chosen venues.

'Tour Sponsors'


Includes the option to sponsor one of our entire UK tours across all venues with full brand exposure across all print and advertising materials. Merchandising options also available.

To donate please get in touch here

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